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Dave Creek Media’s proven model offers a turnkey solution for launching your own marketing business. Skip the uncertainty of establishing your own brand and building credibility. When you join Dave Creek Media, you instantly have years of experience, success stories, and an arsenal of playbooks for almost any business imaginable.

The traditional agency model is broken.

Many businesses consider marketing an expense. In the digital sense, it comes down to large investments in a quality website, and some monthly expense to run ads. This service-based approach has a deadline or limited engagement. Because of this, traditional agencies fail to stay around long enough to impact the bottom line in a measurable way.

Retainers are ugly.

The retainer model no longer serves businesses. In the client’s mind, they are paying another salary–or several salaries–and fronting media spend with no guarantee of results. What’s worse, the typical “results” agencies show off are vanity rather than what the client really needs: revenue growth. Modern clients don’t trust retainers, and smart agencies don’t offer them.

Help fellow business owners achieve new levels of success with a framework that gets results.

There’s no question marketing is a critical component to business growth. To add digital strategies to a marketing plan almost goes without saying. Bottom line, businesses need strategies for digital marketing more than ever.

We bridge the gaps.

Dave Creek Media’s Connected Marketing Architecture framework is a proven system that leverages the latest in digital marketing methods with advanced strategies. Our proprietary three-step process covers the entire customer journey to ensure any business can reach their perfect audience and create raving fans.

Step 1: Captivate

Grab the attention of your ideal audience and speak directly to their need.

Step 2: Motivate

Introduce the solution and your brand to build the relationship.

Step 3: Activate

Give the details of your offer and nurture the relationship to create more clients, customers, members, or patients.

Be responsible for MaaS impact.

You already know Dave Creek Media builds intricate marketing systems that touch on the entire customer journey. This is a living machine that is monitored and updated to stay in line with a client’s goals. Rather than building this highly-technical system, charging a handsome fee, then leaving it to degrade and ultimately fall apart, we do things differently (no surprises here). Dave Creek Media’s Marketing as a Service (MaaS) model charges a predictable monthly fee that takes into account the entire scope of services needed to build, launch, monitor, and maintain the system. This creates a foundation of recurring revenue for your business that only grows over time.

Marketing Agency Strategy Meeting
Marketing Agency Social Media Research

This has numerous benefits for your business and theirs:

  • The client doesn’t have the financial impact of a large payment.
  • They also don’t have the concern of such a large expense failing to work for their business.
  • There is time to build the system and start generating a return quickly.
  • It strengthens the partnership between the client and your agency as you become an invaluable resource to their business.

Best of all, this creates long-term, high-value clients for your business. Your earning potential grows as high as you set your goals. The Dave Creek Media model sets you as the hero, with an entire team of experts supporting you to sustained revenue growth.

Working together creates success.

If you believe there is power in numbers, then a Dave Creek Media franchise is the perfect opportunity for you. Our mission has always been to create a company people want to be part of – whether it’s you as our newest franchisee seeking opportunities or the clients we serve passionately to grow their business. Teamwork is a thread that is woven into our entire company.

Stay ahead of the curve with a built-in team of marketing specialists.

In an industry where best practices are a moving target, it pays to be adaptable. Dave Creek Media has a team of in-house specialists working collaboratively to deliver integrated marketing campaigns. We constantly study and research what drives success, then test and apply it. This means you don’t need marketing agency experience to be successful. You will be praised as a forward-thinking advocate for your clients.

Relationships build the best business.

We believe heavily in the power of relationships. Our agency doesn’t crank out one-and-done services that leave the client to flounder with marginal results. When you sign a new client, you become an extension of that business as their marketing partner. If you are outwardly focused and genuinely interested in others, a Dave Creek Media franchise is the perfect fit.

Grow your community while growing your business.

Businesses have long been pitched by companies all over the country for marketing services. One of the biggest frustrations is the barrier of access – someone they can sit down with face-to-face and really dig into their goals and needs. That’s why we were determined to plant our unique agency model in communities with a local market leader. Your business thrives in a protected territory while you serve the community right where you live.

Join an elite group of marketers passionate about growth.

Right now we are looking for movers and shakers, early adopters, and anyone ready to disrupt an industry in their market. Dave Creek Media is aggressively innovating digital marketing, and we need you to join us to help as many businesses as possible with highly strategic, highly effective marketing systems.

The founding group of franchisees will get direct access to top level leadership for one-on-one coaching and support. Your new business will be surrounded by a team that is on fire about helping you succeed as much as they are passionate about growing your future clients’ businesses. This is a blue ocean opportunity like no other, and we couldn’t be more excited to offer it to the right candidates.

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